Adopting from Kemerovo
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No...we're not finished with the site yet, but we are getting closer.

So you're traveling to Kemerovo.....(or you've already been there)

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You are probably here because you have accepted a referral for a child from Kemerovo, and you want to find out where in the world you are going.  Alternatively, you have already been there and you want to touch base with other adoptive parents.
Either way...this will be a place to learn about adopting a child from the Kemerovo Region of Russia.  We have been there, done it, and believe that it represents a terrific opportunity for the adopting parent.

  • We encourage anyone who has visited this region to write us, contribute and advise us of current conditions so that we may stay as up-to-date as possible! 

Kemerovo Coat of Arms

Mission Statement

It is our goal to promote the adoption of these wonderful children in need of our love and to provide accurate and timely information on the state of adoption from Prokopyevsk and Novokuznetck in Kemerovo.