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Hotels in Kemerovo
Adopting from Kemerovo - Site under construction

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If you come in for a short period it is better to stay in hotel. If you will stay for longer (about a month) it is better (and cheaper) to rent an apartment. 


First thing to know about Russian hotels is that foreigners are charged different rate than Russians.  That's official, they're not cheating on you. Yes, we know this is dumb, but that's really official - foreigners usually pay for rooms about two-fold than Russians. However, we have converted all prices here into 'foreigner's rate' for your convenience. 

'Kuzbass' hotel - located in the middle of the city, on Vesennyaya street, between Sovetskiy prospect and Krasnoarmeyskaya street. Probably the best hotel in town. Normal room for one is 788 Roubles (around 26 dollars) per day, half-lux is 1575 Roubles (52 dollars) and luxury apartment for one is 2050 Roubles (68 dollars). Normally luxury apartments are always occupied, so you have to book them up to a month upfront. Tel. +7 (3842) 25-02-54. Address: Vesennyaya str., 20. See the map

'Centralnaya' hotel - located also in the centre of the city, on Krasnoarmeyskaya street, between 50 let Oktyabrya street and Krasnaya street. One-person room is 273 Roubles (around 10 dollars) per day. This is actually 'budget-friendly' hotel, and it is in the way management understands the concept, so you probably would consider staying here only in 'emergency' case. Tel. +7 (3842) 23-14-91. Address: Krasnoarkmeyskaya str., 136. See the map


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